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Get Relief from Back Pain with Physiotherapy When You Visit Our Flex Physio Allied Health Services

Physiotherapy for back pain

At Flex Physiotherapy Elite Allied Healthcare, we see many patients with various types of back pain. People with back pain are frequently referred to a physiotherapist as an initial, non-invasive treatment option because it is often effective at helping these individuals avoid surgery. The goals of our Flex Allied Health services in Liverpool are to reduce pain, enhance physical function and equip patients with the tools they need to help them avoid further issues in the future. Benefits of physiotherapy for your back The abdominal and lower back muscles are essential to helping maintain lumbar spine stability. The abdominal muscles exert supportive pressure on the spine, while the lower back muscles help stabilise the spine from the back. The stronger these supportive muscles are, the less stress the spine’s discs and joints endure. Specific physiotherapy exercises are used to help strengthen these muscles and protect the spine. Most episodes of back pain are temporary and will get better on their own, but active, regular exercise plays an important role in minimising pain and improving physical function. It also lowers the risk of future back issues. Physiotherapy Before and After Surgery Treatment at our Flex Allied Health clinic in Liverpool can help patients achieve the best possible results, both before and after back surgery. Patients who are in the best physical condition to begin with typically have an easier time recovering from surgery, and physiotherapy after surgery can also help patients build the muscles they need for optimal healing. For this reason, physiotherapy is an important part of the treatment plan for anyone with back pain. Except in rare circumstances, physiotherapy is recommended as an initial treatment before having surgery. In many cases, physiotherapy is enough to prevent the patient from needing surgery at all. When It’s Not Working If you see a Flex Physio in Liverpool NSW and find that your exercises are uncomfortable or do not deliver the expected results, don’t resort to surgery just yet. There are several reasons you might not be reaching your treatment goals, and these reasons often have simple solutions. For example, not using correct form when performing exercises, not sticking to the prescribed exercise program, and not continuing the recommended exercise program long-term can all result in disappointing results. If you are concerned that your treatment isn’t working, don’t hesitate to voice your concerns to your physio at Flex Allied Health in Liverpool. Often, a small adjustment or two is all that’s needed. Contacting a Flex Physio in Liverpool NSW At Flex Physiotherapy Elite Allied Healthcare, we pride ourselves on delivering the latest evidence-based treatment options at affordable prices. Along with physiotherapy, our services include speech pathology, podiatry, dietetics, psychology and occupational therapy – all under one roof. Our practitioners work together closely to provide an effective, multi-disciplinary approach that gives you access to any cross-treatments you may need. We do everything we can to make your experience a positive one, from a friendly staff to extended hours to brand-new equipment in our state-of-the-art physio gym. Contact us today to get started.

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