Our Dietician, Diana Dous, has had several years of experience as a health practitioner. She is passionate about equipping her patients with the ideal information tailored to their needs to understand their individual eating behavior and overcome any challenges that they face with food and weight issues. She has a wealth of knowledge to educate and manage patients in the following areas; weight loss and gain, malnutrition, women’s health (including menopause, pregnancy and gestational diabetes and osteoporosis), men’s health, diabetes management, cardiovascular health promotion (including high cholesterol and high blood pressure management), gastrointestinal health issues ( including IBS, IBD,

Chron’s Disease and Coeliac Disease management) and sports nutrition. She has the professional and proficient ability to consolidate and relay information to patients to aid them to understand easily what needs to be done in order to gain an advantage over their own health.

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