Tennis Elbow: Dos & Don’ts

Tennis elbow or “Lateral Epicondylalgia” is a condition affecting the tendons in the elbow that attach to the muscles responsible for bending the wrist ‘back’. This tendon is located just below the bony prominence on the outside of the elbow. 


Falls risk increases with age and age related co-morbidities. April is a month dedicated to raising awareness about falls risks and their contributing factors. Some of the factors that contribute to the increased risk of falls, especially in the elderly population, inc...

Not everyone enjoys winter, but if there’s one thing to look forward to, it’s the start of the sporting season. Soccer, Rugby League and AFL are just some of the sports that will kick off their seasons in the upcoming weeks. Along with all the fun and competitiveness t...

While every child is unique and will learn to use language at their own pace, there are some general milestones that can be used to help parents and professionals identify whether your child’s language and speech is developing at the expected pace.

Babies typically begi...

Growing up playing amateur soccer, it was common practice for me to arrive at training just in time or on game-day half-an-hour to an hour before kick-off. We would do our weekly warm-up routine followed by forming a circle and performing our stretches.

It is common pra...

"Flat feet" is a phrase that's used extensively to describe feet with a low or (in some cases) absent arch.

If your child has flat feet, there's some good news - It is completely normal for your Child's feet to appear flat up until the age of 5 or 6.

There are 2 main rea...

Here at Flex Physiotherapy, Elite Allied Healthcare, we're not the type to boast... But it is what it is!

Liverpool's Largest and Newest Physiotherapy practice. Come and see for yourself! with the latest equipment and technology, right at your fingertips!! Not to mentio...

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