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Our speech pathologists are very involved with the patient to help them with the treatment and management of a diverse range of complex medical conditions that can affect their hearing, speech, reading and writing.


They aid patients to gain control through the use of high-level well-developed and evidence-based techniques to improve their hearing, writing, reading and understanding gestures as well as signs and symbols.


Our speech pathologist works with both the pediatric and geriatric population. Some of the medical conditions that our speech pathologist specialises in include but are not limited to;

- Autism,                                                                                          - Stroke

- Hearing impairment,                                                                -Developmental delay,

- Cerebral palsy,                                                                           -Geriatric care,

- Cleft palate,                                                                                - Pediatrics,

- Cancer,                                                                                          - Mental health,

- Voice disorder,                                                                            - Rehabilitation,

- Tracheotomy,                                                                               - Acute care

- Physical,                                                                                        - Intellectual disabilities.

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