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Five Signs You Could Benefit from Physiotherapy in Casula, New South Wales (NSW)

At Flex Physiotherapy Elite Allied Healthcare, we opened the doors to our practice in 2017. We started with one physiotherapist, but we now have a team that also includes an occupational therapist, dietician, podiatrist, psychologist and speech pathologist. If you experience any of the symptoms or conditions detailed below, we may be able to help you.

Consider Physiotherapy in Liverpool If You Experience These Symptoms

  • Recurring pain If you’ve had an injury, experiencing some pain while your tissue heals is normal, but it should start subsiding after a few weeks, depending on the severity of your injury. However, if the pain won’t go away or worsens, you might want to visit a physiotherapist. In some cases, if you’re located near Blacktown, having physiotherapy near Blacktown, to alleviate your pain and prevent it from returning. They can also strengthen weak points in your body to minimise the risk of future injuries.

  • Lack of balance Often, people who experience vertigo and dizziness have problems with the structures in their inner ears, which play an essential role in maintaining your balance. A physiotherapist will examine the cause of your problem to develop a treatment plan that includes exercises for your neck, head and eyes. These exercises can help reconfigure your nervous system. In some cases, they can make up for the disorders in your inner ear structures to restore your balance and alleviate symptoms of dizziness.

  • Painful symptoms while sitting at your desk If you sit at your desk for up to eight or nine hours a day, you may experience backache and frequent headaches, which can adversely affect your ability to concentrate. Physiotherapy includes exercises that can help relieve back and neck pain. Moreover, a qualified physiotherapist can recommend ways to improve your work habits regarding your posture. They may advise taking short but regular breaks and doing exercises to prevent cramps in your muscles and joints. If you’d like to find out more about physiotherapy near Blacktown in NSW and how it could help you, consult with our professionals.

  • Movement issues If you think your mobility or flexibility has declined, or you feel a lack of smoothness when you move, you might want to discuss your problem with a physiotherapist. If you live in NSW, a physiotherapy practitioner in Blacktown can assess your issue and determine ways to relax your muscles and strengthen your tissue. They may recommend a series of daily exercises and stretches to improve your flexibility, strength and mobility.

  • Urinary incontinence Urinary incontinence affects women more often than men. You may either feel an intense need to pass urine and occasionally leak or experience stress on your bladder when you sneeze or cough. If you think you suffer from urinary incontinence, you may want to visit your local GP, but a physiotherapist can also recommend pelvic floor exercises to minimise the symptoms associated with this condition.

Find out Whether You Could Benefit from Physiotherapy in Casula New South Wales

While nobody can guarantee a cure for your condition, trained physiotherapists may be able to alleviate painful symptoms by rebuilding your strength, mobility and flexibility, which could work wonders for your quality of life. If you want to find out whether we can develop a regime to help you, book a consultation with our friendly professionals.

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