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Common Conditions Treated by a Physiotherapist in Moorebank NSW

Common Conditions Treated by a Physiotherapist in Moorebank NSW

Many people associate physiotherapy with sports injuries, or they think it’s reserved for people who struggle to walk. However, physiotherapists can help people who suffer from a broad range of health conditions, from lung and heart disease to arthritis and diabetes. Keep reading below to learn more about the ways in which physiotherapy can be useful. A Physiotherapist in Moorebank Can Help with the Following Health Conditions

  • Heart and lung disease Many people don’t know this, but a physiotherapist near Moorebank can provide treatments for people with heart and lung problems. They may suggest breathing exercises to help clear fluid from your lungs, and they may create a treatment plan to help rebuild your strength after a heart attack to get you back on your feet.

  • Diabetes In many cases, exercise can help control your blood sugar levels to manage the symptoms of diabetes. Moreover, physiotherapy can be useful for people who feel strange sensations in their feet and legs due to diabetes.

  • Health conditions specific to women Unfortunately, women have some health concerns that men don’t need to worry about, such as pain during pregnancy and post-partum care. When you’re located near Moorebank , visiting a physiotherapist Near Moorebank, NSW can recommend stretches and exercises to relieve your pain. They can also develop treatment plans for conditions including breast cancer, fibromyalgia, pelvic pain and urinary incontinence, all of which affect women more than men.

  • Sports injuries A physiotherapist trains for years to understand how different sports can increase a person’s risk of sustaining specific injuries. For example, distance runners have a relatively high chance of sustaining stress fractures. Physiotherapy can not only help you recover from sports injuries, but also minimise the chances of them from arising in the first place by strengthening vulnerable areas.

  • Arthritis If you experience pain due to arthritis and are located near Moorebank, a physiotherapist in Moorebank, New South Wales may be able to reduce your symptoms by tailoring a treatment plan that consists of stretches and exercises. They may not be able to eliminate your symptoms, but they might be able to make them more manageable.

  • Dizziness and vertigo By improving your balance and coordination, physiotherapy can help alleviate symptoms including vertigo and dizziness. Often a lack of balance results from problems with your inner ear structures, which is why a physiotherapist may recommend neck, eye and head exercises to aid in your recovery.

  • Strokes After somebody has a stroke, they may lose some degree of movement and function. In some cases, physiotherapy can improve your balance and gait, as well as strengthen weakened parts of your body, allowing you to regain some independence at home.

Call us, for a physiotherapist near Moorebank, NSW Today If you suffer from any of the conditions detailed above, you may no longer enjoy the same quality of life as you used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to get back on your feet. While there are no guarantees in the world of medicine or physiotherapy, countless Australians have managed symptoms associated with the conditions above with the help of a physiotherapist. If you want to find out how we can tailor a treatment plan for you, give us a call

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