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Receive Care that Treats the Whole Person with Allied Healthcare at Our Liverpool Clinic

Full body phsyiotherapy

We believe that the old days of approaching health and well-being are done, and that the future offers a bright, effective, new way to approach human healthcare. Medical science has recognised how interconnected the human body is, and how frequently our systems affect each other. An imbalance or problem in one part of the body can show up as a problem in a separate one. While the classic combination of ears, nose and throat alludes to this fact, the reality is that the connections are much deeper and more widespread. How can phsyiotherapy help you? We have a well-trained team from many disciplines who work in harmony to direct you to those who can best assist whatever condition you may be battling with. Some of the trained, licensed professionals you’ll find offering allied health in Liverpool include:

  • Physiotherapists – Receive help to manage pain and injuries, improve mobility and decrease strain. Particularly after injuries and other sources of nerve damage, our brains and bodies learn to compensate so we can still function. Unfortunately, many of the ‘fixes’ that our bodies naturally produce are slapdash and increase strain on other parts of your body, ultimately causing more problems down the line. With effective physiotherapy, you may experience significant improvement as your body re-learns how to use those neuro-pathways to move freely once more.

  • Psychology – Not all problems you experience may be traced to physical damage or strain. In some cases, chronic issues may be allied to psychological causes and require psychological treatment. We have a trained and licensed psychologist on staff who can work with you to discover underlying health issues and potentially prescribe a course of treatment that brings about real results.

  • Podiatry – Often overlooked, your feet carry more than just your body throughout the day. As you work, exercise or engage in recreational activity, pressure builds up in your feet. If there are any medical issues, including ingrown nails or dermatological issues, you may quickly find yourself dealing with chronic pain when they are left untreated. Take action to stay moving on your feet, as mobility is key to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Speech Pathology – Sometimes speech pathology is often overlooked as something that will need to be worked on. However this is equally as important as any physical therapy you might need. It is also incremental to target speech pathology earlier on rather than later.

  • Occupational therapy - we will be working together to better the day to day lives of those that need a little bit of extra help . This is important to do to let them gain independence and self-confidence while being able to conduct activities on their own.

About Flex Physiotherapy Elite Allied Healthcare We’re proud to be based in Liverpool, with allied healthcare being our primary focus. Established in 2017, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve Liverpool residents. Our unique approach to modern healthcare, incorporating multiple disciplines, gives us a privileged position to offer help to nearly anyone, regardless of the condition that prompted you to seek us out. We are NDIS approved providers, so we will work with you to provide the treatment you desire whether you can make it to our clinic or need outpatient assistance at your home. As not everyone is eligible for NDIS coverage, consult your doctor to see if you can take part in this free government scheme. Contact us with any questions related to NDIS coverage, allied healthcare, or to schedule an appointment.

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Lazario Peepin
Lazario Peepin
Jan 28

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