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FIFA 11+ - The warm up the pro's use.

What is the FIFA 11+?

If you're a football fan, you've definitely seen your favourite players running around, jumping and landing, hopping on one leg etc before a game. What they're actually doing is completing a warm up program PROVEN to help reduce injuries! 

In fact, this protocol, which was put together by a group of international experts, has been proven to reduce injuries by 30-50%!! when completed twice a week.

Now I know what you're thinking, It'd be pretty nice to have such an amazing warm up, those athletes are soooo lucky. However, courtesy of www.f-marc.com (the official web source for everything related to the FIFA 11+), YOU can have this amazing warm up too, free of charge!

FIFA 11+ Downloads:

Below are 3 attachments from the www.f-marc.com website


  1. FIFA 11+ poster - quick visual summary of the FIFA 11+

  2. FIFA 11+ card - step by step visual guide of the FIFA 11+

  3. FIFA 11+ Manual - everything you need to know about the FIFA 11+

FIFA 11+ Poster

FIFA 11+ Card

FIFA 11+ Manual