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FIFA 11+ - The warm up the pro's use.

What is the FIFA 11+?

If you're a football fan, you've definitely seen your favourite players running around, jumping and landing, hopping on one leg etc before a game. What they're actually doing is completing a warm up program PROVEN to help reduce injuries! 

In fact, this protocol, which was put together by a group of international experts, has been proven to reduce injuries by 30-50%!! when completed twice a week.

Now I know what you're thinking, It'd be pretty nice to have such an amazing warm up, those athletes are soooo lucky. However, courtesy of (the official web source for everything related to the FIFA 11+), YOU can have this amazing warm up too, free of charge!

FIFA 11+ Downloads:

Below are 3 attachments from the website


  1. FIFA 11+ poster - quick visual summary of the FIFA 11+

  2. FIFA 11+ card - step by step visual guide of the FIFA 11+

  3. FIFA 11+ Manual - everything you need to know about the FIFA 11+

FIFA 11+ Poster

FIFA 11+ Card

FIFA 11+ Manual

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