Liverpool's Largest and Newest Physiotherapy Practice.

Here at Flex Physiotherapy, Elite Allied Healthcare, we're not the type to boast... But it is what it is!

Liverpool's Largest and Newest Physiotherapy practice. Come and see for yourself! with the latest equipment and technology, right at your fingertips!! Not to mention staff who are always up to date with today's leading Evidence Based Practice and who pride themselves on delivering ELITE allied Healthcare!

As the director of Flex Physiotherapy, I've heard some really nasty stories about bad experiences with other physios in the past; but PLEASE, allow me to try and rectify your belief in my beloved profession. Physiotherapy is so much more then whacking a buzzy machine on for 10 minutes, and then sending you on your way! (hopefully this hasn't happened to you, but if it has I can help)

Quite simply, we're so profoundly confident you'll love the level of service and professionalism we provide. So much so that if you're not COMPLETELY happy with your treatment, its FREE

What are you waiting for? Finally you can get some relief from that nagging neck, back, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee or ankle, or any other pain you've been putting up with for so long! You know what to do!

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Flex Physiotherapy Elite Allied Healthcare

Liverpool Physiotherapy

Suite 2/21B Bathurst St, Liverpool NSW 2170

Call: (02) 87988987


Monday                  8am–7pm

Tuesday                  8am–7pm

Wednesday           8am–7pm

Thursday                8am–7pm

Friday                      8am–7pm

Saturday                8am–12pm

Sunday                          Closed