Find an NDIS Approved Provider of Physiotherapy for Quality, Effective Treatment

One of the finest programs that the Australian government offers is the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS. This program is designed to offer complimentary coverage and treatment for a variety of medical issues to eligible individuals. NDIS physio treatments involve the same exercise and mobility focus that our standard treatments do, but they may take place either in our clinic or at your home without charge to you.


What NDIS Physiotherapy Services Are Available?


You can receive any of the quality physio services we provide to our clients, as well as dietetics, psychology and podiatry as well as speech pathology and occupational therapy. While each of these services start from a different approach, they all blend together as part of allied healthcare to provide a comprehensive plan for NDIS physiotherapy that maximises the possibility of positive results.


One of the most important things to recover and maintain health is active mobility. Those who have received physical or nerve injury can often lose significant functions that are helpful for independent living. Through physiotherapy covered under the NDIS program, you can receive assistance to re-wire your brain to learn how to move effectively despite potentially permanent damage. This is a process that looks different for each person, so the approach will vary depending on your injuries and experience with healthy living.


What Sets Flex Physiotherapy Elite Allied Healthcare Apart as an NDIS Provider?


We have always maintained highly personalised, bespoke treatment plans. As the damage caused by a spinal cord injury is dramatically different from that caused by a stroke, and since no two strokes are the same, we recognise that treatment must be built around the individual. We also work with the psychological impact that accidents or degenerative conditions can have, so we pair our physiotherapy with psychology to ensure that you have help from all angles.


Our therapists will work with you to develop an exercise routine that you can stick to. With regular exercise, your body stands the best chance of potentially reducing pain and increasing functionality. Many of our clients come to us without a history of regular gym attendance or other physical activity. It’s already hard enough as it is to develop a new lifestyle habit, so when you consider the trauma that prompts someone to seek NDIS physiotherapeutic assistance, it’s no surprise that this is often a large hurdle. Fortunately, our team is sensitive and understands where you are. We’ll work with you to gradually transition you to a lifestyle that has the best chance of effectively managing pain and mobility.

Whatever your health goals are, we’ll work with them. We also have speech pathology, podiatry, dietetics and more all under the same roof. In our experience, there’s a way for everyone to improve their current condition, so our job is to help you find the method that is most likely to help you. Don’t settle into pain thinking it’s permanent when there may be a way to manage it so well that it all but disappears. Contact us to learn more about NDIS eligibility or to schedule an appointment and consultation.